Friday, September 7, 2012


“Most people think that loyalty is to a thing or to a person when actually it is really to one's own self. Some think that it is to a goal or an objective, but again it is to one's own convictions. If loyalty has to be earned, then it is deserved and is hardy, more than devoted emotion based on a temporary feeling. No, loyalty is the character of a person who has given himself the task before him and he will always realize that out of a loyal heart will spring all the other virtues that make life one of depth and growth.” –Charlie T. Jones

“Loyalty to friends, to teams and to nations is unwarranted when it conflicts with doing what’s right.” –Dick Devenzio

"A leader who has loyalty is the leader whose team I wish to be a part of.” –John Wooden
“Beware of the treacherous person who pledges loyalty in public then spreads discontent in private. Make every effort to identify and remove them. Leaders are often betrayed by those they trust most.” –Dale Brown

"Loyalty must be demonstrated; you can't buy loyalty by paying people more than their worth. You buy loyalty by being a standup guy. It must also be understood that loyalty is a two way street." –Don Meyer

“Loyalty is the great love of all.” -Vince Lombardi

"I’d rather have a loyal soldier than a brilliant one." –George S. Patton

“I don’t see how anyone can truly make the most of his or her abilities without expressing loyalty at all times to the people, institutions, and principles that are important in one’s life.” -John Wooden