Monday, September 10, 2012


“If you’re mining gold, you better give your miners the best shovels and picks out there—or you won’t get much gold out of them.” –Bo Schembechler

"If the competition has laptop computers and you're still using yellow legal pads, it won't matter how long and hard you work -- they're going to pass you by." -Bill Parcells

“How much I speak to the players on our team is important, but they’ll forget a lot of what they hear.  It’s also important to make sure they watch and observe through action and videotape.  Usually, the team will remember more of what they see.  But the most critical aspect of our team training is what they guys actually do and what they understand.” –Mike Krzyzewski
“I want all the players on our team to see themselves through my eyes.  They need to know how they really are, not just how they think they are.  If they can step outside themselves and watch their performances as I see them, then they may internalize both their shortcomings and their strengths.  That’s why videotape is very important in my business.  Because any way you cut it, when a player sees himself on videotape — as the coach sees him — you can bet your life, he’s going to try to improve.  And the helps not only individual performance, but overall team effectiveness.” –Mike Krzyzewski

“We make it a habit to view videotapes after practices and games because we want our players accustomed to dealing with the truth that the cameral reveals.” –Mike Krzyzewski

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