Monday, September 10, 2012


“The best teams are team in any sport that lose themselves in the team. The individuals lose their identity. And their identities come about as a result of being in the team first.” -Mike Krzyzewski

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stairs in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” -Babe Ruth

"Building the team is as important as producing the product." -Bob Taylor

“There can be no separation in your organization. You win as a team, you lose as a team.” –Mike Shanahan

“The number one thing that I like about football. You need to have the whole team buying into that team concept. The part I like the most about it is when the whole team kind of loses itself for one common goal to win a championship. There is not a better feeling for me, especially after a Super Bowl, that you are the best in the world at least for that year and how collectively the team was able to accomplish that.” –Jack Ham

“It’s the easiest thing in the world to understand, but the hardest thing to achieve.  So in order to make it happen, the team has to learn how to think as one.” –Mike Krzyzewski

“There’s a lot of reasons to love football. The ones that come to mind right off bat are the unbelievable sense of camaraderie. Bill Walsh used to tell us, “What greater thing in the world than people from all different backgrounds, all different races, all different religions coming together. And you go out there on Sunday, and everyone’s on the same team.’ I think it’s the purest game in the world. Every game is a challenge physically and mentally. It calls on you coming together as a unit and trusting your teammates.” - John Lynch

“The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team." –John Wooden

“Team sports are really difficult things.  Sometimes your team wins because of you, sometimes in spite of you and sometimes it's like you're not even there.  That's the reality of the team game.  Than at one point in my career...something wonderful happened.  I don't know why or how...but I came to understand what "team" meant.  It meant that although I didn't get a hit or make a great defensive play.  I could impact my team by caring first and foremost about the team's success and not my own.” –Don Mattingly
"X & O's aren't worth a damn without a team. If your team isn't with you it doesn't matter what you draw up. The team must respect what the coach is asking them to do." -Hubie Brown

"I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion." -Mia Hamm

"People who are in it for their own good are individualists. They don't share the same heartbeat that makes a team so great. A great unit, whether it be football or any organization, shares the same heartbeat." –Bear Bryant

“Tough minded enough to do the necessary things--this is the epitome of what a team is.” –Don Meyer