Monday, September 10, 2012


“Recruiting the most talented people possible is the first task of anyone who hopes to create a Great Group. The people who can achieve something truly unprecedented have more than enormous talent and intelligence. They have original minds. They see things differently.” –Warren Bennis

“To build teamwork, it certainly helps to start with good people.  As head coach I was very partial to young men who genuinely wanted to play at North Carolina, who needed no sales job to persuade them.” –Dean Smith

“I recruit character as much as I recruit ability. And if you’ve built a team of character, they can handle moments that others cannot and they accept coaching on how to manage pressure.” –Roy Williams

“However, for me recruiting was just another way to compete. Once again the philosophy came through as we found ourselves immersed in just another competitive arena. We found ourselves in a “relentless pursuit of a competitive edge” in recruiting and it took us right back to our central theme of competition.” –Pete Carroll
"If someone asked me for recruiting advice, I’d tell them they have to know their market and know their school. You don’t want to waste time. The worst thing you can do in recruiting is come in second. You’ve got to know when to cut your losses." –Rick Majerus

“Recruiting is a key aspect of growing a culture. When my staff and I decide which kids to recruit, we don’t merely look at the youngster’s athletic ability, statistics, and grades, we look at how they treat their parents, how they interact with their classmates, and what other ways they contribute to their communities. One of my favorite things is when we got for a home visit and the player has his best friend with him, a friend who may not even play basketball. This shows that, at a young age, he understands that it’s not all bout him and he is willing to share his life with those close to him: an indication that he willing to look beyond himself and become a part of something greater.” -Mike Krzyzewski

“We don't sell the next 4 years to our players. We sell the next forty.” –Lou Holtz

"The biggest mistake coaches make is taking borderline cases and trying to save them. I'm not talking about grades now, I'm talking about character. I want to know before a boy enrolls about his home life, and what his parents want him to be." –Bear Bryant

“When I decide that a kid has the talent I am looking for, then I try to find out about his character.” –Roy Williams

"I don’t know if I’m a good recruiter. I know I’m a hard worker. I’m diligent. I spend a lot of time on the road. I’m a good evaluator. But your proficiency comes through repetition. I always say, 'You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.'" –Rick Majerus

“I tell every prospect I recruit that I'm going to try to outwork every other coach... I like to ask prospects, "Who is recruiting you the hardest?" If they don't say me, I'm mad and I'll go back to my staff and tell them we've got to do more.” –Roy Williams